Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fair Films From 1976 & 1981

Tom C in both, Sister of Carrier in 1976, Mrs Tricky, SuperP, Mowg's sis and others in 1981


Grumpy Auld Baistart fi G-dyke said...

Dear Sir,

I've just returned fi ma hoalidays n wis settlin doon ti watch a few weel kent faces oan the auld BOOB.

Imagine ma disappointmint when ah foond oot the content hud been removed bi the Ultimate Fightin Boaxin Club.

Can you contact thum and git it pit back oan?

Yours, disgruntled, etc.

Carrier said...

Charlie - can u soart this oot?

WeeGC said...

Superplumb is oan the stage anaw. Wan i thum in the orainge. He disnae like ti talk aboot it. Bit embarassed wi huvin ti wear tights.