Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gie Us Back Oor Stane!

As controversy still rages about the return of the Elgin Marbles, the people of Bo'ness are clamouring for the return of the "Bridgeness Slab". Sadly, I have to say that the man who discovered it and gave it away was a "Mr Henry Cadell of the Grange". Grangers, eh?

UPDATE: Another BOOB Success.
Lengthy online campaign by Mowgs ensures the return of the Bridgeness Stane.


Aelius Mansuetus said...

This is spookily prophetic Mowgs as Bo'ness Community Cooncil huv apparently set the wheels in motion to git a full-size replica i the stane sent ti Bo'ness fi the Chambers Street Museum. When Caddell lit thum hae it in the first place this wis menant ti be the deal anyweys - insteed we goat a stane wi the inscription only, the yin thit kin be seen it the fit i Harbour Road.


N wul hae the Altar Stane thit wis funt it Stacks Fairm back anaw.


Rab said...

Aye yir richt Aelius the stane's on its wiy back and it'l no be broke lik the wane in yon museum.

Its goan back to Harbour Road jist a wee bit up fi the club in Kinnegars in its ane wee bit o wa.

Yee'l aw see how its goan ti look in a wee whiley!

Carrier said...

Gid work fellas!

JK Rowling said...

In that foaty u look as tho yoov broken the stane wi sum kind i Harry Poattir type spell.

WeeGC said...

Nivur underestimit the power i a "BOOB"?