Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grangepans Boat Yaird Regatta 1967

Honorary BOOB Chas Simpson hus come up trumps again wi this footage i the 1967 UFBC Sailing Regatta. It the time, only Henley-on-Thames boasted a bigger event.

Chas writes,
"It starts off with a greasy pole (try getting health and safety to allow that in modern times) you will also notice the barbers chair in the back ground.
Their is an "Ouch" moment that will make most men squirm, its 1 min 48 seconds in.
If anyone can name the child on the shore, please let me ken as no one at the club knows who it is.
2 min.12s in sees a water skier behind a speed boat, look at the back ground, its the burning bing before it was landscaped.
2 min.36s in is scene that would be naive by today's standards, but would have been great fun to watch over 40 years ago. Jack MacKay weighted down an inflatable dinghy, out in the mud when the tide was out and before the crowds arrived. Once the tide came in and the spectators arrived, they want out with scuba gear, took the weights off and inflated the dinghy under the water, the dinghy coming up like a submarine. Jack is the one in the top hat

Halcyon days.

Mair it


Rickyh said...

Aye very gid! Bit upset it isny in High Def though!!! Any chance you could post up a Blue Ray version Carrier???? Bet the boay it 1min 48 seconds baws r still sare :)

Charlie S said...

It has taken me from 1966 to work out how to get the film onto the net in the 1st place, so give me time and i might be able to get it on High Def ;-)
It would good to know who they were?

futin det said...

I like the authentic 60's background music.

Carrier said...

Well readers?
Are YOU yin i the fearless greasy pole walkers?
R u the boay wha ended up wi baws like clackers?
Send in yir comments ti the BOOB!!

Charlie S said...

The music is a bit of
"Sale of the Century" stuff

WeeGC said...

Dinny think ye wuid go swimmin no a days. Miast likely ti swim in ti a floatin Jobbie! Thought an atomic bomb hud went aff when the colir appeared oan yir camera.

Mowgli said...

How do you get VHS converted to DVD? I have a video of Super8 stuff myself I'd like to put online.

Carrier said...

When the camera pans oot i aboot 30 secs it appears thit the hale i Grangepans is hinging aff the pier.
Ah reckon ma brerr, Big Eck McKenzie n guys like Armitage Shanks wur defo there.

Carrier said... anaw.. ah've goat a large collection of VHS videos that I'd like to get converted oanty DVD anaw for..ahem...posterity...

Carrier said... this a topless wummin?

Charlie S said...

I just plug a video player into a dvd record, pres play/record and let it run. It take time, but it works and is free

futin det said...

Alternatively you could go the whole hog and cable your VCR to your PC. Only real benefit this has is you can manipulate/restore the footage and re-edit it on the fly.

Drew Peacoack said...

I have a Betamax Video recorder I want ti hook up ti ma PC ti download a film called "Aunt Peg".
I wid like ti manipulate it oan the fly as weel, if ye ken whit ah mean?
Kin embdy help?