Sunday, November 08, 2009

Protect the Lorne!

I read that there is a campaign to the give the Lorne Sausage a Protected Geographical Indicator, putting it alongside Parma ham, Arbroath Smokies and Melton Mowbray pies.


Ging Gang said...

On searching various geographical tomes and almanacs, it appears the Preferred Geographical Determinator is already in existence!!!
It exists along supernatural pagan laylines, which culminate in the postcode of note and legend, EH49 7AB.
The runes transcribed from the early manuscripts state that only this postcode, and a Lorne product purveying proprietor in an establishment within the said area, may claim their rightful crown of "Chief Square Sage With Brown Sauce"!
Arise King Lorne, wherever you may be!!. . .

Carrier said...

S'funny - this subject wis raised by Loopy (Big Kev's bro) oan settirdiy walkin through the Glebe park ti the Spoartsman's Dinner. It wis oan ma "Ti Dae" list.
Bate us ti it again Mowgs.

The bold Lorneis aware i this, bit is undoobtedly hung ower given his state oan Settirdiy nicht/Sunday moarnin.

Carrier said...

Are Corvi's Broon Fish Suppers oan the list btw?