Friday, November 27, 2009

SU-BO's Cizzin Sparky Spottit in Supermarket Shocker

Bumped inty BOOB Sparky Malarky in Tesco's in Queensferry the ithir nicht. The ex-Dawson Placer, wha bidit ower the fence fi the Rooneys n doon the road fi Ainslie H, continues ti hod bleck belts in Judo, Karate, Aikido, Goshinjutsu, Nami Ryu Bujutsu, Origami n Nakamura.
Sparky is oot the Army n canny be bothered wi the cheffin, so he is currently tarmacing wi his cizzins the Boyles fi Blackburn.
Aye, if ye dinny ken, Sparky is related ti SU-BO, bit kin sing better eftir a few pints.
Sparky is dane fine n askn eftir yees.


The Laddie McCallum said...

Goshinjutsu, Nami Ryu Bujutsu, Origami n Nakamura????

LMAO !!!!!!!!!

Sparky said...

Right McCallum expect a chap at yer door for that - n it'll no be Carol Singers.

It'll be Su-Bo ready to serenade ye....

and mair if yer really unlucky.

What shade of lipstick will I tell her to wear for ye??