Friday, December 11, 2009

Carriers Health and Safety Xmas Part 2

Dear Carrier.

The plug on my Christmas Tree Lights developed a fault so I snipped off the wires and was wondering if I should simply wrap the bare wires around the matchsticks before inserting them into the power socket or is it best to wrap tin foil around the ends of the matchsticks first, for better connectivity ?

I look forward to your reply.


Tricky said...

That minded me of a photo on the There, I fixed it Blog

(note Granada logo on the other plug)

jann said...

i think you should wrap the wires round one match only, insert this into the socket, dont matter what hole, whilst bare foot and standing in a basin of water, for full effect, beleive me once you have switched on the power the light show as your home blows up and the town is plunged into darkness will be seen from space, :)

futin det said...

"dont matter what hole"

If only that were true my friend, if only that were true !!

jann said...

why futin det whatever do you mean sir ?
(blushing and laughing behind a fan, no not a electric fan, )

Safety Polis (EIWEYS RIGHT) said...

Leaving aside the orifice quandry, yees r aw fawin inty the same trap!
Eiweys hink - dae ah huv ti dae it in the first place?
The risks here can simply be eliminated by:
1. No huvn Xmas tree lights
2. No huvn a tree
3. No celebratin Xmas.


Anonymous said...

happy new year to the BOOB i made it up to loch lomand on xmas day but couldnt get to Bo'Ness due to the snow, but my heart and thoughts were there,from jann

Anonymous said...

love the tax disc, i want one, :)from jann this bleeding thing wont let me sign in aarrgghh