Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas quiz.

Pint fir the winner oan oor annual nicht oot if yin kin guess the teams and more importantly the grund?


stuart.g said...


Ging Gang said...


stuart.g said...

C'mon mr Chambers, just confirm Anderlect

Anonymous said...

Of course its Anderlecht,mines is a lager.PS no gittin stuck between u in yur brither again this year.

JImmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! is it Beechwood Park in Sauchie? Haw!

WeeGC said...

try gittin awe the question richt?

WeeGC said...

C'mon stuart.g wir yi no telt it skull ti reed the questyin before answerin? Or wir yi nivir it the skull eywis plugin it?

stuart.g said...

haw you in the Black. aye a went ti the skill, a hud ti go or the
hamstur wid uv deeed,ask yer wee brer, we shuvled coal fur Eric, it wid uvv been a cauld skil we a deeed hamstur if wee wurny there

a micht be wrong weeGc,
is it an artists imPression of newtoon park withoot the Asbestos roof ?

Club: RSC Anderlecht
Formed: 1908
Nickname: The Purple and White
Colours: Black-White trim
Stadium: Constant Vanden stock Stadium - Capacity 26361
Address: Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, Anderlecht, Brussels
Official Website:

RSC Anderlecht 0-1 NK Dinamo Zagreb
is that enough

Traffic Generator said...

In a gratuitous Google zeitgeist exploitation attempt, is it the "Cori Rist could be 5th Tiger Woods Mistress" Stadium home of Britney Spears FC?

WeeGC said...

Bang oan stuart.g. Nixt time a see yi mind and ask fur yir pint a owe yi.