Monday, December 07, 2009

A Heart-warming BOOB Xmas Stoary

Here it the BOOB we r aft times accused i bein hardened, cynical baistarts, a product i oor tough upbringing oan the mean streets i the Bronx whaur ye hud ti fight wi the seagulls n stray dugs fur yir tea.
Is we are noo inty Xmas we thoacht it oanly right thit we should show oor caring side wi this favourite Bo'ness video.

Basically, the stoary is these twa boays fi Haney's Way wur ower the shore glue-sniffin some evostik when they funt a lion cub. They named it Christian eftir the popular songsmith wha wis appearin in the La Fabrique it the time oan the undercaird i Patti Boulaye n Des O'Connor.

They raised it in thir back dryin green nixt ti the Billboards until it simply goat too big n unruly, rakin aw the buckets n chewin bairns legs n that, ken? So they flew it ower ti Africa n lit it go.

Some years later they revisited the savannah plains whaur it wis hingin aboot wi it's pride. They wur telt no ti bother is Christian wid huv furgoat aboot thum n it's cubhood in the Pange.

Anyweys, here's whit happened.........

FOOTNOTE: Oan a subsequent visit the twa boays wur ETTIN eftir Christian mistook thum fur a pair i Thompson's Gazelle.

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Ging Gang said...

Magic! Wis sittin grinning, waitin oan them gitting baith thur faces lifted clean aff.
Aye, cynical hardened baistards richt enough!