Sunday, January 31, 2010

BREKKIN: Bo'ness Fowk wi Blue Een Relatit

Accordin ti this article, it turns oot evirybidy wi blue een in Bo'ness is relatit ti yin anithir.
When's the faimily pairty?
Please note the last line in the article, explainin how blue een wis "deemed attractive and therefore advantageous in terms of sexual selection".

UPDATE: Hing oan, if u & ur WAG huv baith goat blue een u could be mairrit ti yir CIZZIN!


Sparky said...


I've heard that some folk merrit their sister...

Well, they didny go as far as makin it offishul n that ken...

But they didny get aff at Haymarket either if ye get ma drift.

Boris The Spider said...

Funny wan this, but I've nae sneddons, or sneddens in ma family, and I've got green eyes... Credence to the tale?