Wednesday, January 06, 2010

BU Club Death - Eviry Cloud Hus Silver Lining Shocker

Wi regard ti the above video BOOB HQ huv received this letter fi Youtube:

"Dear BoysofOldBoness,
Your video BU Club Death has become popular on YouTube, and you're eligible to apply for the YouTube Partnership Program, which allows you to make money from playbacks of your video.
Once you're approved, making money from your video is easy. Here's how it works: First sign into your YouTube account. Then, complete the steps outlined. Once you're finished, we'll start placing ads next to your video and pay you a share of the revenue as long as you meet the program requirements.
We look forward to adding your video to the YouTube Partnership Program. Thanks and good luck!

The YouTube Team".

Ker-ching ya bas! The vid hus hud ower 78000 (!) hits fi saddoes. Evirbidy gits a cut i the earnins when ah receive the cheque.

Incidentally click on the video n huv a look it the comments, they r priceless min.

Even funnier mair abusive comments it the poorer quality sister video here.

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