Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Shanker Shenanigans

The 2nd i January, n it's time fur the BOOB New Year Pairty. Twa meenits in n Lorne, Yan n Snash r oot fur a paw-draw bumpin inty Stevo Kilgallon.

Fower meenits in n Not So hus pumpt eleevin quids worth i chinge inty the puggy wi nae sign i the Jackpot. Gid joab cos he wid huv goat glowered it bi Jack D n i thir regulars, like Lorne in the BU Club aw they years ago.

Wee GC, wi impoartint business ti attend ti in Leith the nixt dae wis oan Colas, n he brocht his faithir Tam alang fur company. Here we see Tam askn Snash whit skill he went tae.

Yan stifles a yawn is Loren shows aff his new Aipple Iphone n it's "gemme apps" like the virtual pint i beer ye kin pretend ti drink. Later oan Lorne wid buy eviribdy a "virtual" roond.

Flash fi Oz n Back Again appeart takn evirbidy bi surprise wi his new Billy Idol look.

Superplumb wis takn it easy due ti work committments the nixt day. Here we see himm doonin his seevinth pint.

Somewhit late in the day, the bold Binnz n Broon appeart, eftir somehow confusin the Ricky P wi the Shank.

Tam shown here telln Superplumb n the BOOBs ti pit a line oan fower draws he hud picked oot oan the coupon. "Certainties" he stated. Tam unfortunately hud ti go in fur his Tea afore the results came in n didny see us narrowly missin oot oan the £432 i hard earned cash due ti his forecast. Close, bit nae cigar.

Drink kickn in here.

Not so canny resist anithir go it the bandit despite Cammy pleadin wi him no ti throw the bairns' money awa.

A foaty-montage ti end a gid efternin oot. Unfortunately some bad decision-making meant the nicht petered oot in a snow bound Lithgi. Lessons ti bi learnt ther boays.

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