Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monkey Magic

Monkey Diary -Week One

They're doin well

Poppi (the female we think), is the bigger of the two on the right and ringo is the wee dude on the left, with the darker stripe in the hair.

Cute and cheeky as anything...
the diary so far

saturday night... came to stay at the Highwayman Inn, Luton, they managed to sleep most of the night and gave Diane a wee bite when she tried to clap them.

Porridge for breakfast Sunday morning, left them alone with it for 45 min... came back and they were covered, had a food fight in my absence.

Sunday lunch... stopped at Tamworth service station and Poppi had some chips from burger king.

Slept all day Monday.

Tuesday, poppi happily takes food from my hand, and will climb onto my arm, ringo still not sure, but does like petted and stroked whle tierd, makes him sleepy.
Grapes are proving to be a favourite food, with jelly a close second.... it's worth fighting over.

Doin a bit of sunbathing as well with the UV lamp.

Only really exploring the roof section of the cage, not venturing down below 5' much.. ringo the more inquisitive of the two, but poppi the more confident.
(From Burnie Francisco)

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