Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BANNED by the BOOB: GaGa Video

In a sensational development the nicht, Lady GaGa's provocative and controversial mini movie-cum-music video fur "Telephone" has been BANNED by the BOOB.
The mucky video, best viewed in full screen 1080p,contains gratuitous scenes i mass murder n legs-akimbo lesbo prison lust involving a scantily-clad Beyonce Knowles that wur deemed completely unsuitable fur viewers and defo NSFW.


Peter Pedant said...

Only your arms can be "akimbo"

Jas Mags said...

Really? Ah see it mentioned aw the time in the magazines ah read.

Dick Shonnery said...

Legs akimbo:

Knees bent and spread widely apart, while the feet remain close together.

Derived from akimbo: A similar posture of the arms in which the hands are placed on the hips and the bent elbows point outward.

"Ah love they foaties i ye lying wi yir legs akimbo. Wul ye send me some mair?"

Jenny Taylor said...

Ah've appeared in a lot of them mags and foaties