Monday, March 01, 2010

Ken Embdy?

N jist ti git u in the mood fur helpin oot, here's some footage fi the Bo'ness Fair in 1981, when Rid Harringtin Jaikets wur in fashion, n we could oanly dream aboot David Narey scorin against Brazil.

Audrey - sit doon!


Ging Gang. said...

Ma faither's dyke's still needing haruld!

Lorne said...

Oan grahamsdyke road Mrs Lornes oan a float as a flooergurl, check me oot GUARDIN THE QUEEN!!!! BB Company section, walk right past the camera- 3mins 30 secs.

Carrier said...

This wis indeed a vintage year fur BOOBs it the Fair.
Is weel is Queens Escort Lorne, we hud TC as a hearld and Superplumb is a Lord in Waiting, seep photos in BOOBs passim. Mrs Tricky wis a Maid i Honour anaw. In the video we kin also see thit Mrs Big Kev wis a flowergirl, n widny sit doon oan the float, in clear contravention i health & safety legislation.