Thursday, April 29, 2010

Massive Attack

Hud a massive virus attack oan the BOOB HQ mainframe ower the weekend. Nasty trojan cried Win32/Winwebsec- looks like official Windows Security antivirus software needn updated, watch oot fur it.
Ma spycatcher software erased it bit took half ma hard drive anaw.
The baistart.
Luckily ah hud backed-up my files. Nae herm done. Move along.


Stooarty Pooarty said...

You goat a virus cos yer mam goat yer vests fi Wevlins when ye wur a wean

Carrier said...

Vests? In G-pans?

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! Yer faither aye wore a semmit tae git the coal oot the bunker. Dinny gees yir 'poor me' pish. A belief system provides a core set i values on which we base aw hing we sense, interpret, feel, say, or dae. Ken? Haw!