Monday, May 03, 2010

Sammy Baird RIP

In his farewell season wi the Gers, Sammy Baird played his full part in the club's run to the European Cup semi-finals, where they loast to Eintracht Frankfurt. Baird scored five goals in yon campaign, including twa in the 3-2 win against Sparta Rotterdam in a quarter-final play-aff it Highbury. It wis perhaps Rangers' greatest night in the competition, and the maist memorable game i Baird's career.

Efter retirement fi the game Baird kept a public hoose in South Street, Bo'ness (shown above) noo called the Turf Tavern, but still kent locally ti this day is "Sammy Baird's".

Samuel Baird, footballer: born Denny, Stirlingshire 13 May 1930; played for Clyde 1949-54, Preston 1954-55, Rangers 1955-60, Hibernian 1960-62, Third Lanark 1962-63, Stirling Albion 1963-64; played for Scotland seven times, 1956-58; managed Stirling Albion 1963-68; died Bangor, Northern Ireland 21 April 2010.


Mowgli said...

My first time being served in a pub was Sammy Baird's. Fair Day 1984. I was 14.

Carrier said...

Ah mind it sumbdy's stag nicht, hink it wis yin i Jean's, we endit up in Sammy's n sumbdy scalet a fu pint oan the pool table. Wis fu i bears, aw wi 3x 10p (indicatin they wur "nixt up")oan the pool table cushion - we wur oot i ther like a flash.
Happy days.

Carrier said...

G-dyker Jim McCormack, son-in-law i the Godfaithir, wis commentin it the weekend how he hudny noticed the fascinatin architectural features oan the tap i the buildin afore.

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! s'up fur sale tae.