Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bo'ness Fair Fur Dummies - The Fair E'en

The 'Fair E'en' is the evening before the Bo'ness Fair Day when local townsfolk put on thir second best outfit of the summer (the best outfit, known as the 'Fair Klaze' is already washed, pressed (ironed), hanging up ready for tomorrow, locally referred to as the moarin's moarnin) and walk around the town, or toon (that being the general area of Bo'ness, not to be confused with the Toon, i.e. the Town Centre) viewing what are known as the arches or 'airches'.

These are a collection of temporary structures and house frontages made by locals wi money ti burn to celebrate their children participating in the actual Fair itself. Indeed, the 'airch' decorated town of Bo'ness was the inspiration for the film Brigadoon.

It is traditional for airch builders to welcome in passers-by for a hot toddy or simply ten cans i lager.

Later excited weans will be given cally-coads by thir Faithers, resulting in loose change fawing oot i thir trooser poakits and rolling doon a gundy, whereupon cries of "Scoor-oot" will traditionally be heard.

Hope this makes sense.

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