Tuesday, June 08, 2010

BREKKIN: BOOB World Cup Sweep 2010

Dramatic scenes the nicht is the BOOB World Cup Sweep wis made it BOOB HQ, G-Dyke, Bo'ness.


Team                                   Drawn By:

Algeria                                 Ricky H
Argentina                             Yan
Australia                              Stu King
Brazil                                   Tricky
Cameroon                            Marky G
Chile                                    Ging Gang
Denmark                              Cox
England                                Calum D
France                                  Binnz
Germany                               Superplumb
Ghana                                   Carrier
Greece                                  Futin Det
Holland                                 Flash Fi Oz n Back Again
Honduras                              Wee GC
Italy                                       Mowgli
Ivory Coast                           Foyiy                        
Japan                                    Ketal
Mexico                                 Dek C
New Zealand                        Broon
Nigeria                                  Big Kev
North Korea                         Wums
Paraguay                               Not so Saggy
Portugal                                Snash
Serbia                                   Flash Vegas
Slovakia                                Markybhoy
Slovenia                                Stu McF
South Africa                          Loopy
South Korea                         Cammy
Spain                                    Stanley Romanov
Switzerland                           Lorne
USA                                    Burnie Fransisco
Uruguay                               The Italian

The draw wis made & independently adjudicated by Wee Gill - blame her.
A speshel prize ti the winner.


RickyH said...

Its mare than a special prize I'm wantin if ma team wins!!! How aboot a million quid????? F*****g ALGERIA!!! Its a bloody fix I tell yi!

Ging Gang said...

All git ma coat! Chile?!
Camooooooaaaan! It's a fix a tell yi tae!

Mowgli said...

No, all fair and reasonable, in my consideration.

Carrier said...

Look - ah goat Ghana so am no happy either. Pit it this wey Wee Gill nivir even goat a cuddle last nicht, so yeesel ken.
Dinny hear miny complaints fi the likesy Yan, Tricky, Flash fi oz, Stan n Binnz, wha spawnily drew yin i the favourites again min!
N Mowgs kens whit side his breed is buttered oan anaw.

Broon said...

New Zealand !!!! New Zealand dinnae huv a fitba team. This isnae right ataw.

Binnz said...

Ah'm pleased thit the draw huz handed me (git it?) a no bad team.

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! Ah goat hee haw! Haw!

futin det said...

GREECE !! f***in GREECE !!
Jist shoot me now.
I'm surprised they could afford to send a bloody team in the first place.

Yan said...

Viva las malvinas.Ah concur wi ma brither,seems fair n reasonable ti me.

Carrier said...

Eftir last nicht's showin kin ah take back ma earlier comment thit Binnz hud pult yin i the favourites?