Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mair Fair Highlights

Temps leads oot St. Mary's.

King Kong it the Chance Park - he must've been sweattin like a chiropodist
Fay Timms lookin braw
McAllister's Float Up ti the ususal high standard - yee-hah

Johnny Widden in chairge i the Champion's hoarse

Gid ti see the Norwegians back in Bo'ness

King Kong float lookin gid

There's that boay in the King Kong suit again - he wis giein high fives aw thru G-pans wi his clammy ape-hands - dis he come fi Thirlestane?

Gid Shrek float fi Balbardie - how dae they dae it eviry year? Magic.

The party's over - n unsung Fair hero Ketal reflects oan anithir joab well done.

(Image courtesy Boaby Simpson Facebook Archive)

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Anonymous said...

Strange how quiet things look at the foundry since they closed / knocked dow the BU club