Saturday, July 10, 2010

BREKKIN: Moat Stand-off Joke Situation

The situation is developing as we type wi jokes comin in ti Sickipedia bi the meenit.

Here are the latest developments:

Im here to inform you of tonights events and update you on what the police believe is happening...
The police believe they have Moat surrounded..There has been food and drink handed over..Celebrities have also shown their faces..

Well all i can say is the local tramp is getting a right 'Fine Dine' and cant believe his luck when i gave him my Orange T-Shirt..
I also gave him my gun but he has no idea how to use it so the police defineatley wont shoot back..
Happy To Inform
Love Raoul x

What's Gazza's doing there? He's not got a great record in shoot outs.

I think Raoul mMat only stole the tomato to put on the kebab that gazza surely got for him.

I bet no-one will complain if Northumbria Police claim expenses for Raoul Moat cleaning.

Police vs Raoul Moat: has anyone consulted Paul the octopus??

Apparently all the fish shops have been closed in the north of England since the
recent armed robbery. So there'll be no more fishy on a little dishy till the moat comes
in !



Lorne said...
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Lorne said...

Am delightit the missin Raul Moat saga his came tae an end, it wis under the couch. 6 days manually chinging the tele wis the pits.

Ealier joke...

Whits the difference between Raul Moat and Ashley Cole:
Yin's still stuck in a Geordie bush.

Anonymous said...

well as someone who was caught up in the cumbria shootings, knew 6 of the dead had five laying either dead or injured behind my home, two good friends for over 30 years, my mate ken left his home, few doors away from mine, a few steps later dead with half his face missing, bodies lay there for over 12 hours, uncovered for hours, i saw my friend dead, had another round the corner so, moat killing people and the press and police all over the place isnt a laughing matter, if youd been here youd know what i mean, so i think its sick and imature to make fun, you imagine finding out your loved one was shot and killed for no reason, other than wrong place wrong time,

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

haw! It's easy ti furget there are real human beings involved whin we live in a media centric society thit thrives oan sensationalism. Nay harm meant. haw!

Freedom of Speech said...

A better idea Anonymous - switch aff yir telly & interent connection.

King Smill said...

Haw, Anonymous, wis it you wha telt him tae shoot doon the toon for a loaf ay breed?

Humour Les said...

Yeah - shame on you BOOBs for jumping on the Cumbria bandwagon.

Still - it's a safer mode of transport than a Cumbria taxi.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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