Friday, August 13, 2010

Manford Funny, bit Bo'ness Man Fails to See Funny SIde

Went ti see yon Jason Manford the ithir nicht.

Aye he wis funny, even in the warehoose thit is the EICC.

Bit whit's wi these comedians chairgin £15 ti git in ti see jokes thuv yased oan the telly?

"Wha bites the floats in the swimming pool?" - heard it (Live at the Apollo)
"It was a coco pop on my testicle" - heard it (8 out of ten cats)

Whit aboot this - John Bishop £18:50 a ticket! Git yirself ti. This time last year he wis playin a cave it the Pleasance fur £7:50.

Twa years ago ah saw a funny boay fi Glesgy it the Counting House in George Street fur NUHIN (although a pit a few boab in his hat it the end).

That's whit the Fringe should be aw aboot min. Seek oot the Free Fringe in these times i austerity n git it up the Bankers.

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