Monday, September 20, 2010

Anither yin under ma belt

FC Porto v SK Rapid Wien
Guid game so it wis. If yi get the chance check oot the 3rd goal. Pure class.

(ED: Here u go. Aw three goals lookt affside).



Carrier said...

U spawny get.

Wis speakn ti yir neebor Brain Cassidy the ithir day.

Says ye better up yir gemme.

Carrier said...

Brian, no Brain

WeeGC said...

Where did you meet him?

Carrier said...

Safety Exhibition @ Ingliston - did u ken he yased ti work beside me?

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! a safety exhibition at inglestin? Kin ye no sleep? Haw!

Carrier said...

The Tache is back!

Anonymous said...

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