Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is History

Spiders Coming ti Bo'ness

History in the making the day is Bo'ness United were drawn against Queens Park in the secint roond i the big Scottish Cup.

Queen's Park are the auldest Association fitba club in Scotland, huving been fundit in 1867.

They huv won the Scottish Cup the third maist times i any club, behind Rangers and Celtic , although the last time they won it wis in 1893, so no likely this year.

Wi 6 pints fi 8 games this year, nuhin ti fear fur the BUs. A draw wid see a replay it Hampden anaw.

Meanwhile the BOOBs need ti git thir act thegithir n git a squad soartit fur this historic event.

Tie to be played on Saturday, October 23.

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