Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ersa Fishel BU Souvenirs

Chas A has emailed us fi Puerto Bo'ness in Spain ti say that he's now taking orders for offishel Bo'ness United/Queens park 50/50 scarves and the offishel souvenir programme fur the gemme oan Settirdiy.

All stuff ti be pre-ordered asap if ye want it.

Send yir oardir ti . Mind n leave yir contact details.

BOOBS - Ricky P, 1ish oan Settirdiy fur pre-match aperitifs. Kick-aff 3:00pm.

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Sparky said...



I've been too focused on Celtic St. Mary's of the Assumption, giving the Huns a Hooping on Sunday!!!

May the best Tim win.

C'mon the BU - they play in Our Lady's colours ipso facto...