Saturday, October 23, 2010

MAIR HISTORY: Bo'ness 2 Queens Park 1

A crowd i 1271, excluding thaim thit jumped the dyke it the Kinneil Skill, n hunners i bairns thit goat in fur nuhin wi thir faithirs n gid uncles wi vouchers oot the paper, saw Bo'ness emerge victorious at Newtoon Park this efternin thus creating Scottish Cup history.

Wi queues ti Newtoon Store, the grund wis half empty when Queens Park took the lead in 8 meenits, a heider fi a free kick. The first half wis eeksy-peeksy, mibbes Bo'ness giein the visitors a wee bit too much respect.

Bit jist afore half time Flea sent ower a coarnir n the referee pintit ti the spoat fur a push on Paul Shields. It wis Flea himsel wha tain the kick - a rockit past the QP goalie, wha by the way wis thair man in the match.

In the secint half, wave eftir wave i BU pressure wis rewardit wi a free kick 35 yairds oot. The QP defence went ti sleep n the baw wis cleverly knockt in ti Shields, wha ghostit in behind the defence n tucked the baw inty the far coarnir. Twa -yin. Whit a comeback.

The ref added aboot eleevin meenits extra time fi naewhaur, bit when the whistle went the crowd went happy n is high is the toilets it the Fisons end.

BOOB aperitifs wur had it the Ricky P.

Bring oan the big teams, Sine Metu.


Sparky said...

Well done lads!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Result go the BU's celebrations here in New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Flash here - couldnae git doon cos am studying (dinnae ask). Wit a result! Falkirk away - that wid be a guid day oot!

Carrier said...

Flash - git yir heids oot thay books n git ot fur a drink min.
Draw oan Thursday - git the game in yir diary.

Carrier said...

An eclectic moment oan Settirdiy.

Bo'ness score the winner n Auld Binnz n Auld Broon charge foarward ti grab their respective Young Broon n Young Binnz laddies, overcome wi the type i joy ye oanly yased ti see oan the terracings i yesteryear.

Wid bring a teer ti a gless eee.

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! they pair wurny daein much faither/son bondin when ah saw them in the Richmond Park after the game.

Hame tae Buckie Thistle nixt roond. Haw!