Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scottish Cup History: Bo'ness Buckie Boys Bonanza

Ask any Bo'ness wino doon the toon whit thir favourite tipple is, n the answer is share ti be "Ye canny beat the Buckie".
But that's EXACTLY whit Bo'ness United wul hufty dae if they want ti progress ti the 4th Roond i the Scottish Cup n make mair history in the process.
Buckie Thistle are a senior football club based in the toon i Buckie, Banffshire, wha currently play in Scotland's Highland Football League. Founded in 1889, they are also kent is The Jags and play their fitba it Victoria Park, in Buckie.
Buckie Thistle's first-choice kit is identical ti that i Celtic's green n white hoops and local legend hus it that Celtic, the first British team ti win the European Cup in 1967, donated thum a set i shirts in the early 1900s when the club hit hard times.
Despite losing thir opening twa league games, Buckie went oan ti win the League Championship fur the first time in 52 years, clinching the title on 1 May foalyin a 3–0 win it Wick. In addition they also won the Aberdeenshire Cup beating Cove Rangers 2–0 in September.
This'll be a tough yin, bit whit a gemme its gonny be.

Match to be played oan Settirdiy 20th November - git it in yir diary.

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Lex Sheilds Gid Brither said...

Green & White Hoops at Newtoon Park !

It'll be a Blood Bath, Yje BTY wull hae a feild day

Cumoan Bo'ness.... git richt intae thum...