Friday, October 15, 2010

Trickipedia #12 - Sydney

Current Wiki entry for Sydney Devine. Before the hoovers get it:
"Sydney Devine
(born Cleland, Lanarkshire 1940) is Scotland's very own rhinestone cowboy, a singer whose career began with a television appearance in 1953 at the age of thirteen, developed during eight years touring with the White Heather Group. When visiting Hawaii with Andy Stewart's band, he heard the Hawaiian singer Don Ho perform Tiny Bubbles; this became Devine's signature tune and he went on to sell fifteen million albums {verification please} . His record sales were revived in December 2005 when a frothy drink making machine was advertised on television using Don Ho's version of Tiny Bubbles.

His brother was called Geordie and he was a renouned alcohlic. Videos on Youtube describe Geordie to be a slevery trouble maker and used to urinate in peoples beds and dishwashers/washing machines.

He is sometimes referred to as 'Steak and Kidney' or 'Shite'. "

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