Thursday, November 18, 2010

BOOB Triumph it Fair Smoker

The famous BOOBs were well representit it the recent Fair Smoker, n left the evening oan a high eftir hauling a table ful i prizes.
Eftir a fower-course dinner involving Bo'ness Wedding Cake, the BOOBs wur entertained bi speakers Joe Camay, ex-ref John Rowbotham - Wee GC wis in fits i laughter - n John Gagan ably marshalled bi Maistir i Ceremonies Frank McGarry. Bit the nicht wis oanly startin min.

The Italian triumphed it the Irish Bingo winnin dinner fur twa it the Ricky P whilst the raffle saw Not So Sags liftin the whisky, Lorne gittin a signed Wigan tap n me winnin a Steaua baw a hud in ma hoose fur three weeks kindly donated bi Wee GC. In the raffle John Angus ootbid me fur the Cellic tap, whilst Ging Gang bagged a braw Spain jersey as worn bi yon Pique in the recent match it Hampden. Ah kin officially reveal thit the tap hud ti be washed bi Butts' wife is it wis honkin.

A gid nicht - names fur nixt year being taken.

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