Monday, November 22, 2010

Glorious Failure

Bo'ness United 0 - Buckie Thistle 2

Nae joy fur the BUs at a wet n windy Newtoon oan Settirdiy.

BUs wur the better team tae, bit Buckie jist that wee bit faster.

Thanks fur the memories though boays, beating Queens Park will live long in Bo'ness folklore.
Gid craic tho', n the gloom wis liftit briefly bi the sicht i Bruce Forsyth in a BU top, courtesy Dod.

Fair play ti the Buckie boays, wha cheered thir team fi start ti feenish, even tho' they stunk i kippers.

Aw the best ti Buckie fur the nixt roond.

Gid report here.

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