Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cool Hand Luke.

Wis jist sittin in the caff this moarnin in walked this queer lookin felly, a thoat WTF. hud a coffee oot the kindness of ma heart also gave him a toastie, efter a load of strange looks fae the customers he wished me weel then telt me tae check him oot (Left Hand Luke) oan You Tube, he then left, twaw guitars in tow. A came hame in typed in said name, here's whit a funt.
Turns oot he's goat a fan club. Read his story whit a boy


Carrier said...

Lorne - you could have jist funt the new Ted Williams, mind? Yon hameless guy wi the radio voice.
Watch this space.

Lorne said...

The Kent version of Frank Heggie.

Lorne said...

By the way he plays the guitar upside doon, hence the name left hand luke. How gid di yi hae tae be tae dae that?