Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy 40th Wee GC

It oanly seems like yistirdiy he wis knoackin aboot Thirlestane wi the erse fawin oot i his jeans, bit G-pans's favourite offishel is 40 the day.
Happy birthdiy fi the BOOBs n see u oan Settirdiy.


Hendry Optician said...

That be it may, but could someone on here ask "Wee GC" to pop into the shop and collect his new spectacles?
Sorry for the delay, took ages to install the blue tint.

Boots the Gyle said...

S'funny - the so-called Wee GC is due ti collect his new spectacles from OUR BRANCH. They have green tinted lenses tae.

Carrier said...

He He - you'll nivir win Wee GC.

Aw the best fi the BOOBs.

WeeGC said...