Sunday, May 29, 2011

GSH 1949-20011


Picky Paitursin said...

aye, he'll be sadly missed in 18 thoosind years time

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Scoat-Heron yince said "Whitever happened to the folk whit gave a damn?”. Then he goat wasted. Familiar?
He said anaw that the revolution widny be televised. If only he'd hud Sky News. Tho he did warn aboot nuclear energy disasters as far back as 1973. Then he goat wasted.
Ye micht ken, his uncle Jackie Heron wiz the jannie it Kinneil schill in the 70s.

Kinneil Bairn said...

Am tellin yoor smellin
it the back i Mr Heron!

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

* Haw!