Friday, November 15, 2013

BREKKIN: Big Chopper Seen in Bo'ness

Something BIG going on

Eyewitness, Grant Hamilton Sneddon, (15) who was driving in the town around 11am on Friday described the police activity: “Me n ma mates was driving along in a car we nicked fi the Mingle when ah saw the polis helicopter circling above the Toon. Then the next thing ah kent I hud polis cars screaming past us w thir blues n twos and sirens on, so there’s obviously sumhing BIG gaun oan.”

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Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Boay fi Mairchlins telt Rab's Maw wha telt Jock Grant wha telt a lassi at the center wha telt me that his laddie hud hit a polis. So it must be true.
AND a wummin fi Deanburn heard it fi the lasssie oan the till at Asda an aw. She telt her man and he telt me.

A cornerstone of Scots law, the requirement for corroborating evidence means at least two different and independent sources of evidence are required in support of each crucial fact before a defendant can be convicted of a crime. Haw!