Monday, May 16, 2005

Global Warming in action

Despite the recent spell of fine weather in Bo'ness, Lithgi husny hud it so good.

Only a few days ago, Millsy's Shoap wis flooded oot - wi massive HAILSTANES!!

It wis like 'The Day Efter Themoarin' according to Gaz. It's usually as busy as the Cafe in Eastenders in thair, and auld wummin hud ti be rescued in dinghies by the local Fire Brigade, as pots i Millsy's Maw's Stoavies wur seen floatin past The Star.

Meanwhile, lucky Lithgi stray dugs, used to a diet of leftover canapes and spam, greedily gorged themselves on sodden rolls oan flat sausage wi broon sauce, normally a reasonably priced £1.25.

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