Monday, May 16, 2005

Roadworks oddity

If u are leaving Bo'ness to the west leave urself plenty of time, as they roadworks at the entrance ti the BP are causing havoc during peak periods. I wis stuck there fur 20 mins this moarnin.

In a bizaare twist, tho', while a wis sitting there I observed a guy get oot i his van and lift a deid roadkilled rabbit aff the road - he hud ti peel it oaf - and pit in the front off his van.

Whit the faq wis that aw aboot?

Embdy any ideas?


cox said...

Dugs, many of the working class today have, I believe large canine pets. Mostly called prince or sheba. A tasty free treat such as reasonably fresh meat is too much for them and simply scoope it up. Deer is another favourite.

Carrier MSc said...

Ken this, some folk, ay?

Surely it wid be safer ti gie dugs rabbit-flavoured Tesco value dug food?

cox said...

Then whit wid we eat!