Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tennis and other games

This has ti be yin i the best foaties ever taken.

But speakn i tennis, I wis thinkn the other day when watchn the French Open aboot oor annual ritual doon at G-pans when we played tennis next ti the White's hoose. Only surpassed by they games i street hockey ootside Nevets' bit during the winter - how did we play in the pitch bleck?

And who can mind the nine hole pitch n putt ower the shore? Mind a nearly hit that boy wi the specks fi the Foondry Office yin day wi a wayward drive oaf the first tee?

And whit aboot oor crazy golf course ower the Foondry Yaird - mind we thot David joanstin's faither wis gonny gies a row and ended up gien us half a dozen Titleist baws insteed?
Oh fkn happy days !!

Yungsters! Stick yir PS2s and Xboxes back in thir boaxes and get oot and git some fresh air!!!!

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