Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Too Much Poovery

Well done Millsy fur injecting some much needed female goodness inti this site, even tho' she's a bit i a dog.

Anyone passn thru here might be forgiven for thinkn this is a heemasex site, whit wi aw they foaties i transvestitism, dodgy tashes and gay klaze.

C'mon lads - foaties i braw lookn lassies are ti be encouraged.

Here's sumhing fur the wa' ti gie u inspiration.


cox said...

Carrier git wi the 21st century. We are aw noo pan-sexual. We can appreciate both forms of sexual lives.

Carrier MSc said...

No, no, no. Its just no richt & proper min.
Am a G-pansexual.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, surely you aren't just that little bit curious?

Carrier MSc said...

But am curious ti ken why u didny leave ur name.
Still in the closet?