Monday, July 11, 2005

Aw dudes thegither

High fives aw roond as mair i the wide spectrum i hood brithers, fi Poastmin, Lawyers ti DJs, meet up at the Ricky P fur efternin aperitifs.

Dinnyhink av seen it si busy.


Nevets said...

Despite wearing my stupid floppy hat most of the day, I got sunburnt on my scalp.

Carrier MSc said...

Ah never seen ye wearin a hat the whole day min! Anywaeys - u couldny be as burnt as Reidy - see foaty above.

By the way whit aboot yir bro losing his camera at the Richmond? Thankfully sumbdy handed it inty the polis......only fur him ti lose it again at T-in the Park! No real min!

Nevets said...

He didn't have time to download the photos he'd taken on the Fair either. Me, I'll stick to 35mm.