Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CentralFM taking ower oor Manor?

Mair Fair Day exclusive action - This foaty fi the CentralFM website show station DJ Kris Kuhn ('t' missing?) haunin oot flyers ti starstruck Panzers ootside the BU Club(RIP) wi the well maintained Foondry yaird in the backgroond and that wee waw we used ti run ti when the sireen went oaf at the auld Fire Station.

Mind - nine times oot i ten the Fire engine wid head oot the Toon wey. Bit - oh the joy when it headed oot ti the Bronx!! Even if it wis oanly usually ti dampen doon the burnin bing.

1 comment:

Nevets said...

Ah, bings ain't what they used to be.