Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Readers Wives

Ah ken this is a lads site but I'm gettn a wee bit concerned aboot the continuing lack i braw lassies being poasted oan the site - as stated previously dinny want embdy hinkin this is yin i they 'heem-a-sites'. Feel free ti poast up yir ain foaties or links but keep it clean - ay Millsy?

Anyweys, ah met these 2 wee crackers up the Ricky P oan the Fair Day. Ah dinny ken if it wis ma ghinga hair or the fact ah mentioned that ah still hud ma 'U2 Under a Blood Red Sky' poster doon it ma maw's, bit they wur richt inty me. Ah canny member thur names - Mandy n Gail or sumhing - bit aw ah ken wis that they wurny short i a boab or 2, gaun by the fancy fake handbags oot i Fawkirt Mairkit and the klaze that they telt mi they goat fi a designer shoap 'Matt Allan' or sumhing.

Anyweys a goat talkin ti them and telt them ah wis a freelance scientist and had they ever experienced a 'judder', jist like that advert oaf the telly? They were killn themselves laffin, at ma patter ah hink, or mibbe it wis ma tan thit wis developing by this stage, who cares, bit ken this? - it wis gaun fine ah thoat.

Anyweys it wis that hoat that I hud forgotten ti pit oan any undercracks...

(Continued next month)


cox said...

Always with the denial, theres nothing wrong with a male only web site. I sense alot of repression, deep deep you can't keep pushing it down. let it out or at least let someone in!

cox said...

Ps ma trial date is set for November the 10th 10.00am. Stirling Sheriff court.

Carrier MSc said...

So ah see:

How many years di u get these days fur bumping inti sumbdy?