Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Breaking News: Miracle oan Jamieson Avenue

The holy image of Our Lord has appeared tonight on the erse of a dug in Bo'ness. The miraculous appearance was spotted on Toby, a one year-old Westie thit hings aboot Martin's Fish & Chip Shoap oan Jamieson Avenue, by his owner Mr. Lorne.

"We hud jist tain him ti git his nads tied n we noticed the unmistakable image" said Mr. Lorne, a 43 year old bistro owner fi Bo'ness. "We are truly blessed."

Never one to pass the chance to earn a few boab, Mr. Lorne is offering pilgrims the chance to visit his dug for £10 a look. Laying of hands £50 extra.
Kissing the image - £phone.


Scotty. said...

Noo erse a thing! A genuine Hole-y image oan the erse i a dug! Glory be!
Bit ah've goat ti ask. Whit wur ye daein luckin up thair in the furst place!

Scotty said...

Duh!! Ok goat it. Should huv read the comment right thru furst. That'll teach me. schipit erse!!

futin det said...

Lits hope it disnae start weepin fluids like some other holy relics.
p.s. Carrier, did you say "Bistro Owner"
Bistro Owner ???

WeeGC said...

Neuvelle cuisine owner if he's selling pieces oan tomato sauce. This must be the second time the dug wis blessed. The first being fur christ sake the dug's shat oan the cairpit Shaz.

yan said...

Futin, it is Lithgi wur talkin aboot here. They still hink the Portcullis wine bar is the height i chic.

lorne said...

The Portcullis wine bar wis the height i chic bit still fell shoart i the class i Bowlers Discoteque.
Carrier, jist cos ma dug knoaked yi back fir a baw lickin thirs nae need tae spread malicious goss aboot ma dugs erse, onywy it looks mair like your dug wi awe that ginger coat, is fir the image Christ his he goat long airms.

Tricky said...

The dug was ony lickin its baws tae get the taste i the nouvelle cuisine fi the bistro oot its mooth. Or wiz that Carrier?

Carrier MSc said...

Right enuff - eftir the dug hud been licking ma face ah wis left wi whit looked like creme fraiche n saffron chiffonades oan ma chin.

Is fur Jeserse - is it jist me or if ye stare long enuff dis the image git clearer?

Scotty. said...

Aye yur right. It diz seem tae git clearer. It seems tae shimmer an aw if ye look at it long enough. Then again maybe it ma een, (hang ower an aw that)