Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Clownin aroond.

This his goat tae be the best fancy dress site oan the web, yill nivir shoap onywhaur else. Posted by Picasa


yan said...

At a pound under a hunner quid fur the cheapest hing,yur feckin right yill nivir shoap anywhaur else..ivir. Crackin cossies aw the same tho bit still disny beat the Big Man fur scarin auld grannies oan the bingo bus. Embdy hae any foaties i that again,like, the full hing?

futin det said...

Yan, I've got the original mask. Posted a photi on here ages ago but no the full "two story, ant's grandads jaiket, knock his heid off wi a f***ing big stick" version.
Jist the mask.