Thursday, September 14, 2006

Visitors Message fi the BOOB

A big welcome ti Bo'ness's number yin website, the famous BOOB, esp. ti new visitors fi Eastern Europe and oor new neebors it Scottishblogs.
Feel free ti trawl oor archive i nonsensity doon thair oan the right hand side. Ye kin leave comments if ye like, mindin thit some poasts that have noo fell aff the front page are still active, like Lorne's menu requests thit is noo up ti 41 responses, sumhing i a record aroond these pairts.
The site is written in the traditional dialect of the Bo'nessians, direct descendants i the Veluniatae people who built the Antonnine Wa', hence our inherent genetic traits of Latino looks, n rough hands. If yir struggln ti understaund, ye kin purchase this book, priced eleevin quid, ti help ye.
If ye like the banter, why no cum n live here inaw?

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