Sunday, October 15, 2006

Whither Spoon?

Onybiddy ken why Snab Brae is so called? There wiz a Snab Pit, as well. Ah mind a story ma guid brither telling me. He's fi oot the toon. He's on a date with my sis, cinema in Falkirk, late 70s, the bus route was straight along past the Pit, no up to Richmond Cross, like noo. Bein the gentleman, he's payin the fares, he asks my sister where to get tickets to. She says, the foot of the Snab. He disnae believe such a place exists, thinks she's ripping the mick, an asks for 2 tickets tae the bus station, haein to pay an extra 20p an no haein enough to get his busfare hame, hus tae ask fur a lift tae Lithgi. Served him right.
It very much dis exist tho, as the Greek taxi driver yince telt me an JippyD that he couldny drop us oaf at Maidenpark because of inclement weather conditions. "no posseebo, Snabawsno" he repeated, aw the way fi Coasters. Anyway, ah digress, whit wiz a Snab? Wiz there a Castle at the top i a hill that geed its name tae Castleloan? Who slayed the mythical beast, the Cumlouden, at the end i the Calder Park?

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Carrier MSc said...

Ah Grivas!
Middle name 'Boadily'.
Surname 'Herm'.

Mind he jist aboot kilt me when ah scratcht his new taxi takn ma gowf clubs oot the boot.