Friday, February 02, 2007

Paging Burnie Francisco

Is that the legendary "Burnie Francisco" That's now joined oor ranks?
If so, a warm and hearty welcome from me and all the other Dets.
I think i've still got some incriminating photies fi nevets. Will post as soon as I can find them.


Carrier said...

Try n make share he disny look like a ravin heema fur a chinge in they foaties Fut.

A Big BOOB welcome ti the famous Burnie Fransisco!!

WeeGC said...

Burnie must be a bit aulder thin me. But welcome anyway.

futin det said...

When ah hink i the name, it reminds me i the night club character in the film aboot Andy Kaufman. (think it's called Man On The Moon or summin)

Stu King said...

He always looks like a heema even in the prison beware wee burnie there's mare foaties on the wey

burnie fransisco said...

It is the world famous
International Karaoke Superstar,
av worked oot how ti pit wurds on here, bit no quite sussed oot thi foaties yit, but they'll come...Stu, Campbell, Cox, Millsy, Mogs, ..... av got yeez a.