Friday, February 02, 2007

Whit The ???

Today, along wi the usual adverts for Porn, Viagra, Chrystal Meth etc, I received this truly bizzare (and entirely genuine) e-mail. Here's just a snippet of what it contained :

"my kingdomasked fanny, meekly; for when thomas took matters into his own hands,f: there are severalworry about me. i'm all right - glad you know, though i never meantvanities, her frivolous desires, like a wintry wind, that left a wholesome "but that is no reason one of you should not succeed. the next may have a: what's the daily rate?f: mary sang an american
f: mary sang an americanthrough the rough caterpillar and the pent-up chrysalis changes, the beautifullook at your battery?she lifted up her hand, and gathering'to keep out of mischief, as much as anything.' and admired not only as a famous scientist, but also for her determina-tion "i wanted to see you first, please, sir. uncle made me come back.some english
out a winder and told her to tell me they were gittin' along fust ratehim with midsummer radiance, they seemed cool and pale beside the sweetmore was said then, for aunt plenty called them down and the day's dutiesheels, or she will trip herself up. take your silver butterfly, and catch"it's please. in a remorseful heap among the table legs.the cryin' and the smilin' as it's nat'ral, but noise and disrespect of now, dan, if you really love these things, as i think you do, and i amwork had been. jo's desk up here was an old tin kitchen which hung against"oh, yes; i gave him a heaping peck of sawdust."the great lion went rolling down the hill as if he had been struck by ashe had laid it in its grave; but an angel rolled the stone away, someone gave a modest tap, opened the door with a grim aspect which "the pickwick portfolio."


Carrier said...

Whit kinny websites di u visit serr?

WeeGC said...

Never mind websites some i yer other pals are just F**k**g WEIRD.

futin det said...

Just to clarify. I don't have a clue who sent it. Looks like some johnny foreigner has put something through a translation service. (and failed miserably)
You have to agree it does have a weird, pidgin english, beauty about it.