Thursday, March 01, 2007

Brekkin News: Miracle oan Harbour Road

Ah wis huvn a closer look it Nev's foaty i the old, dilapidated, haunted Bridgness Tower n couldny believe ma ain een.
Yasein complex state i the art foaty enhancement techniques the miraculous spooky image i Geets is clearly seen it the upstairs windae!
Pit that oan yir toast n eat it aw ye disbelievers!


Tricky said...

His eyes are fixed on the afore mentioned can uv lager.

Ah once wiz on a brewery trip and Geets was there. It was a masterclass. Like being shown roond an art gallery by Da Vinci. We were asked to leave after Geets tried to bribe a brewery employee to plank some cans on the bus for him.

The Viewforth, not so much a local, as a lifestyle.

WeeGC said...

Couple i guys huvin a social git the gither oan the fair day wi a couple i cans. Bring back yester year.