Thursday, March 01, 2007

Towers of Bo'ness

In this Fair photo from about 1977, you can see Bridgeness Tower as it was for many years: an abandoned, derelict building in the middle of waste ground, not the fancy house in a fancy housing estate at the bottom of Harbour Road.


Lorne said...

Is that Eddie Vaughn?

Carrier said...

Dinnyhinksy - even Eddie wid ah been a yungyin when that foaty wis tain.
Bit check oot the auld boay wis his back ti us. Tin i Tennents in haund.
Ye widny see that noo.
Cum ti hinky it, ye widny see the procession gaun past the Bridgness Club noo either.
A bloody disgrace.

WeeGC said...

Whaur di they stoap fir a pish noo!