Sunday, April 15, 2007

Broons Sauce

Unlike yin i Carrier's contrived efforts, this is a genuine page fi last year's Broon's annual. Ah canny make up my mind if this is a slur on Bo'ness, or a personal attack oan somebody cried Rab, from Bo'ness, or a compliment by including us in such a revered publication.
Personally, ah canny think i anybody cried Rab from Bo'ness that wid dae such a thing. No, really.


Carrier said...

It indeed canny be a Bo'ness felly thit is the site manager, is the health & safety standards are no up ti scratch.
Lack of welfare facilities, lack of edge protection oan the scaffildin, unfixed ladders and poor manual handling techniques to name bit a few.
Nae Bo'ness Builder wid stand fur sich Dickensian working practices.
In the meantime ah'm writing a strongly wordit letter ti the editor i Sunday Post, wi the HSE cc'ed in.

Nevets said...

Unless you're over 60 with a stairlift or an electric buggy, the Sunday Post won't be interested. Or zipped furry slippers.

Big Gonga said...

Nice Post. Ah hud this bit the wifey flung it oot.