Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fingers n Tops

Dean Road
Sometime in the 70s
A brazen hussy 'ladyboy i the nicht' tries ti entice an unsuspecting Fut n Broon bi shown a bit it thigh. The oanly hing gittn swollen tho' is Fut's bank balance is he imagines the work needed oan they athlete's fit-riddlit taes n gouty jints encased in they 'golden' shoes.

Foaty courtesy the excellent Mowgli again.


Lorne said...

Hopefully Det's fiddlin wi his chinge in that poaket.

WeeGC said...

Who's hands pointin ti his genital area?

Lorne said...

That's Coco Broon yin time gay lover tae Det. So a Heard.

Carrier said...

Naw - that's sumbdy else's airm.